Covid19 Notice


Verandah House unfortunately will be very different  to what we are use to, for us and for our guests but we will try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible in a safe environment, the ‘new normal’!

Below briefly summarises what is expected from us and from yourselves.

From us:

We ‘the owners’ will wear masks when greeting and dealing with guests and other PPE when necessary;

All touch areas around the house will be regularly sanitised with Government approved disinfectant;

The breakfast room will be set up giving 2 metres apart and guests will stay at the same table throughout their stay;

No more than 2 couples at anyone time in the breakfast room or 3 if they are in the same family;

Breakfast times will be staggered, pre-arranged  to avoid busy times;

There will not be a buffet, everything will be served to you directly;

If you are in a rush in the morning then an order will be taken the night before with a time of arrival;

Your bathrooms and hospitality trays/bins will be serviced everyday.

Your room will not have been used by others within the last 72 hours;

From Yourselves:

Registration will have to been done via email before your arrival, with name, address, contact telephone number preferably a mobile  and email address, and form of payment (cash or BACs) we do not have card facilities here, receipts will also be sent by email to you;

Your temperature will be taken on arrival, please ring the front door bell and stand approximately 2m back for us to do this; if you have a temperature you will need to go home and self-isolate, if you develop symptons before you arrive please stay at home and of course inform us;

Please use the sanitiser on entering the house and the dining room at all times;

You are expected to wear a face masks in all public areas except the dining room and bedrooms, unless you are exempt but please warn us, this will be appreciated for the sake of us and other guests;

If you are staying for more than one night please vacate your rooms by 10.30am in order for us to service your rooms safely where there is no guests around, this will take longer now so please do not come back until 3pm, unless prior arrangement has been made;

Departure time is the latest at 10.30am, you will need to take your own luggage down and your key and place in a box on the reception desk.

Please read and adhere to the Government guidelines attached for the safeguard of everyone

Your co-operation is appreciated and Thank you.